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“Finally hit my first homer. 111 f-in’ at-bats. I don’t want your stinkin’ applause. I average 42 home runs a year. Don’t take pity on me. Scoscia benched me. He wouldn’t let me take batting practice. I freakin’ shaved! It’s about damn time.” - Fictional thoughts that ran through Albert Pujols’ head, based on the picture on


It’s a somber day. One of the greats, Weapon X, is calling it a career after 16 exciting years.

Did Brian Dawkins play a Hall of Fame worthy career? I don’t know but I look forward to reading the debates.

This is what I do know. Brian Dawkins terrorized the NFC East (AFC West too). He hit hard and is in the running for most popular player in Eagles history. Above all else Brian Dawkins is smart. He played smart and is smart enough to walk away while he still can, he suffered a serious neck injury that forced him to miss the end of last season. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to see him play with Peyton Manning.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Dawkins.



Jon Jones lands a right hand on former training partner and friend Rashad Evans during Saturday night’s main event of UFC 145 in Atlanta. Jones won by unanimous decision and will likely face Dan Henderson in his next fight. (Carlos Saavedra/SI)

GALLERY: UFC 145 - Jon Jones v. Rashad Evans
WAGENHEIM: Bones shows he’s the man in defeating Evans
GRAHAM: Jones dominant in win over former training partner

Carlos M. Saavedra/SI

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